Welcome to Morgan Ernest's Lab

In the Ernest lab, we believe that both the study of general ecological properties and detailed knowledge of specific systems are important for understanding how nature will respond to the major perturbations affecting many ecosystems. We also believe that no single approach (experimental, theoretical, macroecological) will be sufficient to address large and pressing questions about nature. 


Most, but not all, of our research focuses on community ecology. Understanding the long-term dynamics of communities is a common theme - examples of current research topics include: stability of community-level properties in response to perturbations, complexities in consumer-resource dynamics in deserts, and mechanisms that facilitate long-term coexistence. But we are also increasingly interested in questions revolving around the role of metacommunities in determining local community dynamics and structure and the role of body size in structuring communities. 


In addition to community ecology, we have been known to explore questions in the areas of life history and large-scale macroecology.


Welcome to our website. You will find information here about our research, who we are, how to join us, and what papers we have been publishing! Enjoy!