Ernest Lab Info for Prospective Students

If the research areas of the lab interest you, you should feel free to e-mail Morgan about your general research interests (I understand you probably don’t know exactly what you would like to do—I’m mainly trying to understand what your primary interests are) and education background (degrees, relevant courses, GRE scores, etc).

Student Support

The UF Graduate School offers fellowships and dissertation awards. In addition, there is a Research Assistantship in my lab that to work on the rodent census for the Portal Project (see research).

All students applying to work with me are encouraged to apply for EPA STARR fellowships and NSF predoctoral fellowships. These are great pools of money that free  graduate students from the obligations of RAs and TAs and allow them to focus solely on their research.

Mentoring Philosophy

I strongly believe that the best way to train young scientists is to treat them like colleagues. Graduate students develop their own research projects and my role is to guide, advise, instill enthusiasm, and commiserate.

While my focus is mainly on mammals, an interest in mammals is not necessary to join the lab—only an interest in broad, synthetic questions.

Applying to UF

UF Wildlife Ecology and Conservation does not have an application deadline, however, I strongly encourage prospective students to pretend there is a January 15th deadline. I decide in advance how many students I will take each year. If I fill those positions before you have applied...well, you get the idea.

Information about applying to grad school at UF can be found at