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Morgan Ernest

I am an empirical community ecologist and macroecologist interested in studying how nature changes through time. While I believe in using the ecosystem, taxonomic group, or dataset best suited for addressing the question at hand, my favorite model system for testing ideas is my field site: the Portal Project, a long-term research site initiated by James H. Brown and associates in 1977. Unofficially, I am broadly curious and go where my curiosity takes me.

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Ellen Bledsoe Ellen joined the lab in fall of 2015. After receiving her BA in Biology from Mount Holyoke College, she travelled the country as a field tech working with bats, pika, deer, and wild pigs. Academically, her interests currently include spatial aspects of population and community ecology in small mammals and bats.
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Zack Brym

Zack joined the lab in Spring 2011 from the University of Michigan, where he earned an M.S. in forest ecology studying invasive species. His Ph.D research uses scaling theory to understand the effects of pruning on orchard fruit canopy shape and structure. As a sort of life's experiment, he actively explores sustainable agriculture managing a 2-acre farm with goats, chickens, fruits, and vegetables.

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Joan Meiners Joan has been affiliated with Weecology since 2014. She does research in Pinnacles National Park, CA on biodiversity patterns, community dynamics, and foraging shifts among diverse communities of native bees (>400 species!). She has a BA in Neuroscience from Mount Holyoke College and a M.S. in Ecology from Utah State University. In addition to bees, she has studied burying beetles, fire ants, sea turtles, sting rays, offshore wind farms, and Canadian Lynx, but her heart belongs to her bicycle. She occasionally waxes poetic about bees at:
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Glenda Yenni

Glenda is the Weecology Project Manager. She helps run the Portal Project and other major collaborative Weecology projects. She also studies coexistence among species and has an MS in Statistics.

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Erica Christensen Erica joined the lab in Fall 2012. Her background includes a BA in pure mathematics from Oberlin College, an MS in environmental science from Drexel University, and field research on sea turtles in Costa Rica. Her current interests are in the general area of community dynamics, specifically systems experiencing regime shifts and non-linear dynamics.
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Sarah Supp

Sarah started Fall 2007 and comes to us from Valparaiso University. Sarah is interested in exploring metacommunity dynamics and macroecological patterns and has also discovered that rodents really aren't that bad.

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Mikaelle Giffen Miki was an undergraduate researcher in the lab from 2008 to 2009. She helped collect data for our Mammal Community Database and also conducted an independent research project on changes in rodent body size through time. She is currently a laboratory technician at Fresenius Medical Care.